Florida Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents






Vision and Mission

The vision of FL-ALAS is to provide a venue for educational professionals to discuss the needs of our diverse community in order to better serve the Latino students in the state of Florida.

The mission of FL-ALAS is to provide leadership that assures every school across the State of Florida effectively serves the educational needs of all students, with a particular emphasis on Latino youth by building capacity, promoting best practices and transforming educational institutions.


Our goals are focused among the following five areas of immediate needs:

  1. advocating for sound educational policies,
  2. advancing equity and equal access to education,
  3. building pathways for leadership,
  4. fostering community outreach and parental involvement, and
  5. developing networking and collaboration among educators.

Our Call to Action

Our credo–“It’s Our Time!”–is a call to action for our Latino and Latino-serving educators to promote quality educational leadership and equity in our schools.

Our guiding principle, We LEAD, represents our organizational tenets, to Launch, Empower, Advocate, and Deliver educational excellence!

Executive Board of Directors

Patricia Trejo


DR. Enrique Vela

Vice President

DR. Patricia Ordóñez-Feliciano


Sonia Leañez Birch


Jen Tapia


Angel Gomez

Past President

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